Book Two – Memory Palaces and Masonic Lodges

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Memory Palaces and Masonic Lodges

It’s now the afternoon of day three of my trip where I find myself situated at a new campsite (Petrie Park QLD) and to my surprise, I have embarked on my second book already. Memory Palaces and Masonic Lodges by Charles B. Jameux.

I didn’t know what to make of this book at first. Was it going to teach me memory palace techniques? perhaps it would enlighten me on how to improve my skills in memorizing long rituals that must be learned and delivered verbatim in open lodge. Meaning, while everyone watches! or what?

In the end, the book was more about the memory palace techniques throughout history that had a large influence on Freemasons since time immemorial. It talked about how the use of memory had been almost a spiritual endeavour and mastering one’s memory helped one achieve the highest echelons available to them.

All in all, this book was a good read for someone looking to know about the importance of memory in one’s life and how it was seen by masters in the past to get further enlightenment.

Petrie Park

Petrie Park was a nice little spot except for the 40-degree (c) days and the potential for crocs. When I was there (two days and nights) a young family was living out of their cars, now there is nothing wrong with people’s choices if that’s what they choose, I just hope it was what they chose and not life throwing them a curve ball. I engaged as little and as much as they wanted, never imposing myself, but not being presumptuous at the same time. The inner saviour wanted to help where I could but it also didn’t seem welcomed either. I guess all one can do is be present to those around us and help within the length of our cable-toe (within our own means).

Now, all I need to do now is figure out where I am going next!

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