Book Three – Belief and Brotherhood

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Belief and Brotherhood - Esoteric Books Australia

Day six already! Nowhere glamourous today, the laundromat!

I was keen to get to this little book (Belief and Brotherhood), more of an essay really. Explaining the fundamental basis for why Freemasonry and Christianity (specifically) are indeed compatible. The who premise of the book was to rebut an old anti-freemasonry book titled “Darkness Visible” which set out the argument that Freemasonry, in general, isn’t compatible with Christianity based on a series of assumptions and narrow interpretations as seen through a biased lens.

As someone who was raised in the Roman Catholic faith (not one now, too many naughty clergies, not enough accountabilities) I did have that niggling question in the back of my mind about it. I knew in my soul that there is nothing incompatible between the two but after reading Belief and Brotherhood I was reassured of not only its compatibility but the reassurance that I made the right choice to join as I have loved the whole experience.

The author step by step explains the meaning behind the rituals and how a man of faith can indeed be a Freemason at the same time. A really good read for anyone who is struggling with this.

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